Wrapping Gifts: Common and Unusual Ways

There are several ways to wrap gifts and present them to someone. Wrapping gifts can be an art, and some people are extremely creative and talented when wrapping.

Common Ways to Wrap Gifts

Wrapping gifts is fun no matter how extravagant or not. Some of the most common ways to wrap gifts are:

  • Putting the gift in a gift box and wrapping it with gift wrap is always appropriate. There is gift wrap available for every occasion.
  • Gift bags are popular and make wrapping gifts super easy.
  • A gift box with ribbon and a bow can be quiet elegant and is very simple.

Although these forms of wrapping gifts are common, they are very acceptable and can be unique due to the many choices in wrapping paper, bags and ribbon.

Different Ways to Wrap Gifts

Gift baskets are a fun way to present gifts. You don’t have to buy a premade gift basket; you can make your own. Think about the person you are giving the gift to and what type of basket they may be able to make use of in the future. Large gifts can be placed in laundry baskets and small gifts in decorative baskets. Line the basket with something useful if you want or don’t like it at all. You can finish it off by wrapping the basket in clear cellophane wrap and tying it at the top with ribbon, or simply leave the basket plain.
Newspaper makes for unusual gift wrap. The Sunday comic section of some newspapers is in color and it looks great as wrapping paper.
Make your own gift wrap. Wrap your gift in brown or white paper and decorate it anyway you like. Glue sequence on, write notes or using colored paper cut out the recipient’s name and glue it on.
This isn’t exactly a way to wrap a gift, but a way to present it. Do a scavenger hunt. Start with a gift or note that sends the person looking for more clues, continue on and end the hunt with the gift. The hunt can be as long or short as you like.
This should give you some fun ideas to try. Happy gift wrapping!