Shipping Gifts Safely

Shipping gifts can be nerve-wracking between worrying about safely packing your gifts, how to ship them, and will they arrive on time.
Here are a few shipping tips for you:
Send early – It’s always a good idea to send your gift a bit earlier than the shipper suggests. Whether using the postal mail service or another means of shipping, try to give your package a few extra days to arrive. This is especially true around the Christmas holidays. You can always mark the outside of your package with, “do not open until (insert date).”
Seal packages well – Make sure there is no chance of your packing coming undone while in transit. Clear shipping tape is excellent, especially if you tape your box completely, covering sides and edges.
Track your package – You’ll want to be sure your package arrived at its destination. Many shipping companies have websites where you can track your packages by a tracking number you are given at the time the package is sent. If you are sending something in the mail, you may want to ask for proof of delivery or a signed receipt.
Insure the package – Take the extra precaution of insuring the gift in the event it is lost.
Proper packing is important. It will help keep your gift protected from potential miss-handling or acci-dents.

Packing for Shipping

Use a box that is strong enough to hold the gift you’re a sending, yet not too big. Boxes that are too large may cause your item to jostle around too much, and may cost more than you need to pay for ship-ping.
Don’t leave air space in the package. Use bubble wrap, crumpled newspaper, Styrofoam peanuts, or other packing materials to cushion your gift. Put packing materials around all sides of the present. Start by putting packing material on the bottom of your shipping box, place your gift on top of the materials then place more packing around the gift.
Use common sense when choosing your packing materials. If you are shipping something that is fragile you’ll want to use bubble wrap, and lots of it.
Some shipping companies have boxes you can purchase. They are often the best option as they are made to withstand the rigors of shipping.
When in doubt about packing your gift to be shipped, check around for places that will do the packing for you.