Landscaping Ideas When Your Terrain Is Uneven

22 Nov

When you want to have a beautiful yard, there are many things for you to consider. If the terrain is uneven, you may have to be more creative when it comes to your landscaping choices. A professional landscaping service will be able to look over your yard, and make suggestions based on what your yard is used for and your design preferences. From retaining walls to stairs, you can create an eye-catching landscape even when your yard is uneven. In fact, the terrain can be used to create areas of interest in your yard that are difficult to produce when the yard is completely flat and even. 

Using Retaining Walls in Your Landscape

Retaining walls are used in a variety of ways. They can be used to make a larger flat surface in your yard. This is done by digging out the area and leveling the surface. The retaining wall is then used to hold back the hill that remains. You can also use small retaining walls as decorative structures. If you have a front yard that is sloped, well placed retaining walls or garden beds can make your front yard look great. A series of rounded walls could be used, for example, and this would create an interesting focal point for your front yard.

Stairs Can Connect Two Areas of Your Yard

If you don’t use a back area of your yard because it’s hard to reach, you can build stairs to make walking to this part of your land easier. You can also create a path using stones, or wood, slowly meandering up to the back area. When you want to use more of your yard but it’s difficult to move from space to space, consider ways to connect the areas that are interesting to look at.

Rock Gardens Can Add Flair to an Uneven Yard

If you have a particularly lopsided area of your lawn, you can try planting a rock garden. Use perennial plants that grow tall, and any large rocks that you find can be added to the garden. An uneven garden space can be used to showcase certain plants, and create diversity in your backyard landscape. Try adding potted plants to your garden, so that you can play around with various ideas without having to plant everything into the ground.

When your yard is uneven, working with a landscaping service can make all the difference in your yard. For more information, check out the sites that might be helpful, like this one.