Help Your Employees Be As Healthy As They Can Be By Making A Few Changes To In Furniture

29 Sep

When you run a business that primarily has workers sitting at a desk all day, it is important to do whatever you can to promote a healthy lifestyle for them. Helping your employees to maintain a healthy weight can sometimes help to lower the insurance costs your company has to pay. There are simple changes that you can make to your office environment to promote health and wellness for your employees. Use the guide below to consider changing around your business to help your employees succeed at being as healthy as they can possibly be.

Replace Desk Chairs with Stability Ball Chairs

The first thing you can do is replace all of the desk chairs in your office building with stability ball chairs. The chairs do not have a seat like a traditional chair does. In place of the seat is an inflated stability ball. Sitting on the ball helps to build muscles in the back, abdominals, and the legs. The chairs are available in a variety of colors to allow your employees to customize their space to show off their unique personalities.

Replace Desks with Treadmill Desks

If you want to give your employees the opportunity to be able to burn a lot of calories while they work, consider replacing some of the desks in your office building with treadmill desks. These desks are designed to be taller than the average desk so that employees can walk on the treadmill while they work on a computer or simply take a customer phone call. The speed of the treadmill can be adjusted to ensure that it moves at a pace that is comfortable for each individual employee that uses it.

Add Stationary Bikes to the Conference Room

Consider replacing the chairs around the conference table in your business with stationary bikes. The bikes will allow everyone to burn calories during the meeting without having to go anywhere. May stationary bikes now have shelves built onto them that employees can use for their laptops or notebooks during the meeting. Be sure to choose stationary bikes that are as quiet as they can possibly be so that everyone can hear clearly during the meeting.

If you really want to help your employees maintain a healthy lifestyle, you may also want to consider creating a small kitchen for them to use so that they can prepare their own meals each day. Not having to dine out every day can help them better manage what they eat. None of these ideas cost a lot of money, but they can really help your employees to live as healthily as they possibly can.

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